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Sample Cover Letter For Data Entry Clerk

Often referred to as data entry specialists o bookkeepers, data entry clerks are designated staff members or personnel whose elementary duty is to input data into computer systems using computer hardware components such as keyboards and data recorders. Other job responsibilities for data entry clerks include; updating files and databases; collating/ compiling documents and/or information; safeguarding completed documents for ease of reference; interpreting and transforming raw data into more intelligible forms verifying data for correctness and making amendments if and when necessary; as well as deleting irrelevant data and files.

Although data entry clerks can work in an array of fields such as schools, healthcare facilities and in governments, the job outlook for this profession is on a decline. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics announced a fall of 1% in the employment of data entry clerks for a period spanning from 2016 to 2026. The reason for this decline can be adduced to the labor- and capital-intensive nature of data entry which consequently compels most companies to outsource for cheaper labor.

As a result of the tight competition for available vacancies in the profession of data entry, an aspiring employee ought to endeavor to be painstaking and dutifully thorough when submitting an application for employment. One of the recommended ways of achieving this is through the use of cover letters to buttress the prospective employee’s resume.

Such a cover letter is produced below thus;

Data Entry Clerk Sample Cover Letter

Arthur Ryes
4891 Birch Street
El Paso, Texas 79927
Phone: (915) 430-6342 Email:


Frederick McQuarrie
Talent Acquisition Manager
Royal Services Data Center
3963 Gantry Creek Road
Long Beach, New York 11561

Dear Mr. McQuarrie,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you to indicate my desire to apply for the post of a data entry clerk at Royal Services Data Center as advertised by you on the 25th of January, 2018 in your company’s weekly newsletter. I am a dedicated professional in the field of data entry; and I have the experience and academic wherewithal to satisfactorily perform the duties attached to the job.

As indicated in my resume, I have satisfied the relevant educational prerequisites needed to effectively carry out the job responsibilities of data entry. In addition, I have been privileged to acquire a great deal of practical experience over the last five years. Some of the job duties that I am particularly efficacious at include; compilation of data to be inputted; entry of data into databases; as well as rectification of wrongly entered information.

As a result of your proposed merger with Digital Data Plc, it is apparent that more data would be necessary for processing and entry. I am convinced that as a data entry clerk of repute, my addition to your company would pave the way for seamless development of your company.

My typing skills are excellent while my proficiency at computing is outstanding. These and many other qualities are what I intend to contribute to the advancement of Royal Services Data Center if employed. I will be expecting to hear from you soonest.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Best wishes,
Arthur Ryes.

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