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Sample Cover Letter For Executive Assistant

Although with similar job responsibilities as secretaries and administrative assistants, executive assistants are generally more top-notch and high-level in that they operate and manage portfolios and assignments that are more delicate and complex than the former.

The job responsibilities for executive assistants are largely dependent upon the characteristics of the place of employment. However, some general duties include; organizing and scheduling appointments between executives and clients; safekeeping of files and documents for ease of reference; overseeing other clerical and administrative personnel of lower ranks; as well as reviewing correspondences and contributing appropriate inputs.

Executive assistants are expected to have excellent verbal and non-verbal communication abilities; remarkable organizational attributes; great time and resource management skills; as well as the ability to multitask and work under pressure. He/she must also possess astute interpersonal relationship skills and also outstanding computer proficiency.

Executive assistants can work in a multitude of industries such as manufacturing; telecommunications; banking and finance; healthcare; hospitality; as well as law. Depending on which industry an executive assistant works in, the job requirements also vary accordingly.

While it is acceptable to have only a high school diploma or its equivalent for some executive assistant openings; advanced degrees are required for others.
An inspiring sample of a cover letter for an executive assistant is provided below as follows.

Executive Assistant Sample Cover Letter

Melba Johnson
2847 Raoul Wallenberg Place
New Haven, Connecticut 06511
(203) 325 – 0413


Robert Julian Hill
Organizational Development Director
Burton & Burton Global Enterprises
5098 Harper Street
Madisonville, Kentucky 42431

Dear Mr. Hill,

As a staunch enthusiast of Burton & Burton Global Enterprises, I was overjoyed to learn of the vacancy for the position of an executive assistant in your company as posted on its website on the 5th of February, 2018. Besides being an admirer of the great strides taken by your company, I am also happy to inform you of my wealth of experience as an executive assistant as I use this opportunity to hereby submit my application for consideration for the vacancy.

My attached resume distinctly summarizes my academic background as well as my employment history. I have been in the field of administration as an occupation for the past decade, whilst performing different tasks such as supervising other clerical staff; scheduling meetings and appointments with clients and/or personnel; as well as safekeeping records of various correspondences.

Especially in view of Burton & Burton Global Enterprises’ recent evolution and growth, I am of the belief that the need for a dedicated executive assistant with relevant experience for sustainable development is crucial.

In addition to my experience, my attention to detail as well as my teamwork spirit; result-oriented attributes and also spectacular computer proficiency, I am solidly confident that I can be of massive merit to Burton & Burton Global Enterprises.

I will be expecting to meet with you in order to have further deliberations about my application.

Thank you in earnest.

Kind regards,
Melba Johnson.

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