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Budget Analyst – Job Description

Budget analysts aid organizations on making decisions regarding finances. Their advice is mainly delivered through budget reports and presentations to the various group of people they assist. These groups include private and public organizations, such as corporations, schools, and all levels of government. Their consultations are mainly used to help companies’ financial officers and upper level government officials decide on potential funding and budgets. Budget analysts make their reports based on observed spending and profitability of certain programs.

Payroll Clerk Job Duties:

  • Consults with general team managers to discuss budgets for projects
  • Evaluate current budget reports for completion and legality
  • Consolidate departmental and small team budgets into a single budget
  • Recommend actions for further funding to upper-level management
  • Provide upper-level management with various plans if current budget models do not predict adequate growth
  • Oversee spending throughout the organization to maintain budget consistency
  • Predict future financial trends and plans for the organization
  • Utilize various advanced technological programs to monitor financial performance

Alternative names: Cost Estimator, Financial Analyst, Tax Examiner, Financial Manager

Job projections: Slower than average

Budget Analyst Skills and Qualifications:

  • General accounting and economics knowledge
  • Administrative skills
  • General math skills
  • Computer processing
  • Financial software
  • Creative thinking
  • Successful communication
  • Analytical skills


Salary Details:

The median annual Budget Analyst salary is $73,840, with a range usually between $48,300-$111,460.


Education and Training:

Bachelor’s degrees are typically the standard level of education required to enter a career as a budget analyst, although certain organizations prefer analysts to have advanced or master’s degrees. Courses in statistics, accounting, and finance are recommended.

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