Resume Critique checklist For a Job seeker

The advantages inherent in making use of resumes when submitting applications for employment cannot be undermined. This document serves as a reliable means of marketing oneself as well as showcasing ones suitability for a given job vacancy. By virtue of the importance of this synopsis, it is only becoming on the candidate that he/she strives to make sure that he/she creates an effective resume. There is an array of widely available tips and suggestions that are capable of guiding the candidate in order to ensure that an exceptional document is obtained. Such tips include; avoidance of grammatical and vocabulary errors; keeping the resume concise and straightforward; using well-structured outlines and formats; as well as ensuring that the content of the resume is relevant to the job vacancy in question.

After creating a resume, it is recommended that the candidate thoroughly proofreads and revises the document in order to ascertain that the resulting resume is satisfactory and meets acceptable standards. Making use of a resume critique worksheet or checklist helps monumentally in evaluating, reviewing or assessing the suitability or otherwise of the resume before submission to the recruiter.

Crosschecking the resume for correctness and compliance with some of the standardized characteristics provided below is substantially encouraged.

1. Length

After writing the resume, the candidate should go through the document to make sure that it is not too lengthy. An acceptable resume is expected to be compact; and it usually fits on a page. The candidate should peruse the resume and be able to answer the following questions in the negative.

  • Is my resume too long?
  • Have I overstuffed the resume?

2. Keywords Usage

Keywords are like beacons that light up a resume. Engaging in the use of relevant keywords is of huge benefit. It is recommended that the candidate scrutinizes the document and thence appropriately answers such questions as;

  • Have I incorporated relevant keywords in my resume?
  • Does my use of keywords portray my knowledgeability about the job at stake?

3. Outline

The outline of a resume should be unambiguous. Well-laid-out resumes have the wherewithal to improve comprehension which can thereby induce the hiring manager to show interest in the candidate’s application. The answers to the following questions ought to be in the affirmative.

  • Is my resume well-laid-out?
  • Does the outline of my resume improve understanding of the content?

4. Format

A resume should be well-formatted. A disorganized and/or haphazard resume does not depict professionalism or diligence. Great effort must be applied by the candidate to ensure uniformity and consistency of his/her documentation of resume content. The candidate should ask himself/herself if;

  • Is the arrangement of the content of my resume chronologically uniform?
  • Is the configuration of my resume consistent?

5. Relevance

Each resume must be unique to the particular job vacancy in view. It should be straightforward and compatible with the intricacies of the job description in question. Such questions as stated below can help the candidate to establish the relevance of his/her resume to the subject matter.

  • Is the content of my resume in tune with the characteristics of the job in question?
  • Have I included unnecessary or irrelevant details in my resume?

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