What Do Hiring Managers Want to see In Your Cover Letter

Covering letters occupy a formidable sphere in the employment realm. It is however fundamental to ensure that the cover letter is appropriately written, otherwise, the purpose of writing becomes undermined.

A well-prepared cover letter has great potential to enhance the prospective employee’s plausible success at securing the job. Writing a good cover letter entails the dedicated appreciation and adherence to a number of tips and suggestions in order to get a satisfactory document.

Some of these tips include; keeping the cover letter simple, precise and straightforward; inserting facts, figures and statistics to showcase the potential employee’s suitability; as well as using keywords and showing initiative to contribute meaningfully to the overall progress and sustainable development of the company.

Provided below are some of the features and qualities that most hiring managers look out for in the content of a potential employee’s cover letter.

1. Consistency Of Information Provided
Simply put, the details contained in the prospective employee’s covering letter must be regular and undeviating from the content of his/her resume.

The congruence of these items of information goes a long way in convincing the potential employer of the prospective employee’s sincerity and forthrightness.

Most recruiters are known to meticulously scrutinize and peruse cover letters in a bid to determine the accuracy of the information presented through dutiful comparing and contrasting of the substance of the document with the resume.

2. Expression And Articulation
As with most documents, the manner of expression and articulation of the subject matter is an essential attribute of monumental importance. An effective cover letter must be well-defined and properly outlined. The facts and vocabulary must be appropriate, same as the grammar and structural arrangement of the content of the cover letter.

Adhering to this suggestion is very beneficial due to the fact that the hiring manager is better persuaded to having a more positive outlook of the potential employee’s proficiency.

3. Suitability For The Job
Writing a cover letter when applying for a position provides the potential employee with an apposite opportunity to state with considerable conviction, the reasons why he/she is suitable for the job in question.

As a hiring manager, it is germane to inspect a prospective employee’s cover letter in a bid to determine how suitable the applicant is for the job opening available.

The hiring manager looks out for certain elements and/or pointers that are sufficiently compelling enough to indicate the would-be employee’s appropriateness for the job.

4. Benefits Obtainable
In the same vein as presented immediately above, the hiring manager in addition to looking out for how suitable the potential employee is for the job is also very interested in determining the benefits obtainable by the company as a result of hiring the applicant.

Cover letters offer the aspiring employee a reasonable avenue to highlight what advantages and contributions he/she can bring to the company.

This is a phenomenal feature that is sought for by the recruiter in a covering letter.

5. Facts And Statistics
Making use of facts, figures and/or statistics when writing a cover letter is a very good way for the potential employee to buttress his/her statements as well as reliably express his/her in-depth comprehension of the complexities or otherwise inherent in the job in question.

A hiring manager’s interest and/or fascination is significantly aroused when relevant figures and statistics are included in the potential employee’s cover letter.

In addition to the points raised above, a hiring manager also looks out for prudent elements of the potential employee’s knowledge-ability of the objectives and ideals of the company.

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